Not sure if this is a user, admin or bug report thing but I thought I'd start here to see if any other users are seeing this. I'm still trying to nail down exactly what is happening but several times now after clearing out a mailbox when I change to another mail box I get the "No results found" message even though I know there is mail in there, and sometimes it is even showing new messages in the folder view. So far I've only seen this on the web app (don't recall it happening w/ the desktop app but I haven't used that as much) and it only seems to happen after using the "right click -> Empty []" method of clearing a mailbox, I don't recall seeing it using the "select all -> delete" method. I should also note it doesn't happen all the time, and I haven't been able to figure out the exact situations in which it does though. I've tried switching to different mailboxes, tried the "get mail" and even switching to something else (like the calendar or documents) and then back to mail, but none of these seem to help. The only reliable way I've found to get the mail "back" is to log out and log back in and then everything is back to normal.

Is this some sort of PEBCAK problem or a known issue (I didn't see anything but I wasn't sure exactly what to search on) or ???