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Thread: Wrong username or password

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    Default Wrong username or password

    I'm having a really weird login issue. Unfortunately, my CEO is the one having it.

    I've reset his password several times but what it comes down to is this:

    I can log in using his username and password from a couple of different PCs. No problem. He cannot.

    I hate to ask him to clear his cookies if that won't fix the problem because he will be helpless without browser password assistance for the sites he uses.

    I'm pretty sure Zimbra is working properly. Does anyone have any suggestions before I blow away his cookies?

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    Also remember that password saving, field auto complete, and cookies are different.

    Could elaborate more if we knew the browser being used, but they all have various options - and can possibly even remove individual values instead of mass clear all.

    Things like: Is he using the wrong username vs wrong password?

    (Moved to ZCS section, since we don't yet prompt for pass in ZD/rely on the OS.)

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