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Thread: Client memory consumption

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    Default Client memory consumption


    I seem to have a problem in that I can't leave my client (Firefox) running for more than a day or two without restarting .. IF I leave it logged into Zimbra. (latest stable) Memory usage goes up very gradually / slowly over a 48 hour period and starts to creep towards 1G.

    I've tried different versions of FF to no avail. Indeed I also tried Opera9 and got as far as the login screen before it told me Opera wasn't supported.

    Is this normal, anyone got any ideas ?

    (I'm running Ubuntu and my total mailbox size if 2G)

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    Firefox does have some memory 'issues', have you tried limiting the cache and memory usage of FF? Have a look at this page for some suggestions on memory settings.

    I assume you're using the most recent release of Firefox?


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