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    Hey everyone,

    We use Zimbra here in our school district. Great email platform[although I'd love to see backup available in the open source version that's the one thing that stopped me from using it myself].

    My question is about the chat box. I couldn't tell you exactly what version of Zimbra we're running since I'm only a user of the email system and the IT staff at the board office handle the mail server. But I'm wondering if any of you have experienced issues with the instant messaging boxes. I like the fact that they're integrated and that you can use them within the email program. The problem I'm having is that if I'm having a conversation with someone, and I'm typing, and they send a message while I'm still typing, for some reason the text cursor leaves the chat window, the main Zimbra interface gains focus, and since I was in the middle of typing, I realize that at the moment the text stopped being entered in the instant messaging window, I'm now typing keyboard shortcuts and doing random things like starting a new email, deleting an email, creating a new contact, completely by accident. I have to revert any changes, go back to my inbox, then click back to the instant messaging window and continue typing. This happens every single time an IM comes in while I'm typing. I tried searching the forums but I couldn't find anything on this. Is there any plans for this to be fixed? Also, it would be nice to only hear the new instant message chime if I receive a new IM and the IM window is not the active window, instead of every time even if I'm in the instant messaging window already.
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