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Thread: Setting up zmdailyreport

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    Default Setting up zmdailyreport

    Running ZCS 6.0.4 on RHEL 5 64-bit

    I would like to setup "zmdailyreport" so that I get automatic daily reports. It may be right under my nose, but I can't seem to find how to set this up properly. Any advice?

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    The Daily Report should be set up already in Zimbra's crontab on the logger host.

    Check the Junk folder for the destination admin mailbox though, as the Daily Report sometimes gets flagged as spam.

    So, the first thing to do is to check on the logger host if the daliy report script is actually scheduled to run. As the zimbra user you can run:

    zimbra@malbec:~> crontab -l | grep zmdailyreport
    30 23 * * * /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmdailyreport -m
    If the daily report is indeed getting flagged as spam, you can add a line to /opt/zimbra/conf/ at the end of the section containing all the negative prescores to add, say, a -10.0 prescore for the email address used as the "From:" address for the daily mail report.

    You can add the line at the section that begins:

    # read_hash("/var/amavis/sender_scores_sitewide"),

    { # a hash-type lookup table (associative array)
    '' => -3.0,
    '' => -3.0,
    '' => -3.0,
    '' => -3.0,
    '' => -3.0,
    '' => -3.0,
    '' => -3.0,

    After you add the line, as the zimbra user you can run:

    zmamavisdctl stop; zmamavisdctl start
    to restart Amavis without having to restart all of Zimbra. Note that you will need to do this on all of your MTA servers, and that this edit will not survive a version upgrade.

    Hope that helps,
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