I have ZCS version release 5.0.5_GA_2201.RHEL5_20080417012110 RHEL5 FOSS EDITION running successfully till sunday.
all of a sudden it started giving problem. we are unable to open zimbra.
It is pinging from the other end. but the suite is not opening
when we have checked zmcontrol status the message comes

[zimbra@zimbratest ~]$ zmcontrol status
Host zimbratest.usic.com
antispam Running
antivirus Running
ldap Running
logger Stopped
logmysql.server is not running
mailbox Stopped
mysql.server is not running.
zmmailboxdctl is not running
mta Running
snmp Running
spell Running
stats Stopped
[zimbra@zimbratest ~]$ logmysql status
ERROR 2002(HY000):can't connect to local MySQL server through socket "/opt/zimbra/logger/db/mysql.sock" (2)

and when we shutdown the services and restart it shows all up(done).

need help to resolve this