Client Version: 6.0.6_GA_2324.RHEL5
Client Release: 20100406131453
Build Date: 20100406-1324

I have a mailbox that have to receive only from certain known senders.
The rest, whatever it comes from, should be refused; good messages, SPAM, whatever...

Now, I used filters up to version 6.0.6, ok but maybe with the new user Junk Mail options, White list and Black list, the all thing can be stremlined and better to manage.

It is logic to put the permitted senders in the white list, that's ok.

But I tried wildcards in the black list, like a *, or even *@* and doesn't seem to work; messages still gets to the Inbox. Either wildcards are not parsed or I use the wrong syntax.

The logic is: blacklist the "all univers", whitelist only these.

Any suggestion? Thanks.