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Thread: Resend email from Web UI / Sent folder not syncing w/ IMAP?

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    Question Resend email from Web UI / Sent folder not syncing w/ IMAP?

    I am not finding the Apple "Send Again" feature in the Web UI. The best I seem to be able to do with a message in the Sent folder is to Forward Inline, but sometimes I just want to resend a message again as it was originally composed without wrapping it in a forward.

    I could try to use Send Again from with my Zimbra account setup as an IMAP account but for some reason it is not syncing my Sent items all the way; email sent from the Web UI does not show up in Not a huge deal but I wondered if anyone else noticed this and whether there are plans to add Send Again later.

    This is on 3.1.4 on RHEL 4, I did not check the 3.2 M2 beta yet.


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    I don't see a 'Send Again' or 'Send as New' option in the M2 beta either. But it would be nice to have.

    I ended up copying the text and pasting it into a new message.

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    If that's a feature you would like then you should file it in bugzilla, don't forget to vote on it.


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