Hi everyone

We've been using the Zimbra AJAX UI in anger for the past few weeks and despite running into a few things that already have bugs filed, there's one thing I've been finding a bit irritating.

It might just be me, but when typing into the To/CC/BCC boxes, it seems like the auto-complete list is only based on the text that comes before the @ symbol.
So if I start typing a domain name: oursuppliersdomain.com then I get no matches

Is that correct?
Are there any plans to change that behaviour?
That behaviour is not what I was expecting from these particular auto-complete boxes and I expect other users would find that too.

Also the auto-complete seems to include contacts that have been moved to trash. Is that correct?
Even when I've removed those contacts from the trash, they still appear in the auto-complete list

Any comments/suggestions/existing bug reports?

Cheers, B