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Thread: Zimbra Calendar/Tasks reminders, more specific time/date options

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    Question Zimbra Calendar/Tasks reminders, more specific time/date options

    Hi everyone

    Is it possible to choose a particular time/date when you want the reminder to appear?
    At the moment it seems like you just have the drop-down menu of options but it would be great to specify the time/date.
    For example a calendar appointment 1yr in advance the earliest I can have the reminder is 2 weeks.

    I've got my votes in for these bugs already:
    Bug 10287 – Alert Server
    Bug 15827 – Tasks: should have Alert/Reminder feature

    But I couldn't find anything matching what I'm looking for. Any ideas?

    Cheers, B
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    My Zimbra Bugs Wishlist: 16411, 24567, 35676, 36430, 37770, 41872, 43733, 44384, 46383, 47759
    And a way to associate mailto: handlers with a Zimbra Prism webapp

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