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    Deletion boxes need to be wider...when clicking a delete box I have often opened the email which then for some reason takes forever to open...I have also tried to use the delete box that checks off all the emails and only uncheck those I need but since the box is so small one false move and you click too far and bam! The email opens and all of the emails you have clicked for deletion are now unchecked…simply mind boggeling!!! Which brings me to another problem...SLOW SERVERS. My gosh, have you ever heard of the saying, " A slow boat from China" well Zimbra is the slow boat...was online at 4a.m. EST and received server errors from Zimbra...sometimes I will receive server errors during primetime [9 to 5]...Zimbra is definitely going to have to pedal faster or get some mice to run on those spinning wheels to generate more power!!! The next problem I have with Zimbra is that although I have mail filters I STILL get tons of spam in my INBOX!! WHY??? Next problem, not sure if Zimbra is Java based but at times it freezes my entire pc…BTW- running windows XP and using FF browser when opening Zimbra!!! One last suggestion, I noticed the large tag box to the left is empty...why don't we get rid of the garbage on the dashboard and move some of it to the tag box which would then give the user more room to view/read emails which btw is small [yes I know u can drop the pane up and down but more real estate would be nice!!]. The calender should be an option and not permanent...I have no need for one since I have one on my short, I am sure most folks need a simple and clean/streamlined web based email system and not something that looks like a busy Southern California freeway..Not sure why migrated their email system to Zimbra but I have NEVER seen such a program with so many problems@@@@@ I have another email account and although it isn’t Zimbra’s fault the senders are finding their emails being returned back to them…I want to shoot the executive at Lycos who thought of this email migration!!
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