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Thread: Adding an account in Zimbra

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    Default Adding an account in Zimbra

    I have a question. Is it possible, whether using the web client adding an external account or using the desktop client adding another account, to make it so only the headers are downloaded and not the "ENTIRE" mailbox? I'm referring to Zimbra accounts only. Example: is the main user with a 1.5G mailbox. He needs to add/view mailbox for, which is a common mailbox at 1.5G as well that other users need to view also. Using the webclient he adds an external account in order to add's mailbox. At that point, Zimbra begins to copy over to user1's mailbox all of user2's mail making user1's total mailbox size 3Gig. Then if the 5 other users on the system also need to see user2's mailbox they are all going to have an increase of 1.5G to their mailbox as well, when we are all on the same server. I understand that user2's mailbox can be shared but when you have 50 folders in user2's mailbox it is not reasonable to go through and share each folder. Is there an option I can set in the admin panel or commandline option I can do to take care of this atleast on the webclient interface? I don't understand why the developers didn't make this option atleast with the desktop client. The Thunderbird client gives the option to do this but I would prefer to use the Zimbra desktop client and/or zimbra webclient. Help?

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    Unortunatly, the Zimbra client does not have the option to just download headers only. Outlook 2007 and 2010 have this option. Respectivly, even in other applications you should set up a public folder...any content that you want an orginization to view,modify or download.

    This is just an option to not have your entire orginization downloading one mialbox. if your mail provider cannot add a public folder service to your domain, the only option is to create one or a series of folders to share with your orginization.

    Hopw this helps.

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