hi, i am "slowly" planning my transition from a custom qmail/squierlmail.. setup to a zimbra setup.

a few questions i couldn't find an answers to yet are:

can one user have multiple profiles, like in Squiermail I can create multiple "from email addresses" (profiles) and when i send an email i can chose from which address to send from.
As i have quite a few users who run ecommerce shops and so on where they have "account@blah..; info@blah..." but they don't want multiple in-boxes for this.

is there a time frame for version 4 release? could i run RC1 and upgrade to final once it is out? Or is RC1 still to fragile for a live server?

Can I combine the network version and the free version of zimbra. i.e. not all my users want to use the outlook plug-in, but there are probably enough to buy a few blocks of the network version.. also do you have to buy the blocks for year in advanced or what are the payment terms?