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Thread: Cannot make DnD work on 6.0.7

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    Default Cannot make DnD work on 6.0.7


    I have a 6.0.7 Debian4 OSS install.
    It seems I cannot make DnD work in any way.
    At upgrade time I had dnd and dndext zimlets installed.

    Then I undeployed boths, and redeployed dnd.
    I see the "Drag file here.." tooltip, but there's no area in the screen where I can drop the file to make it work.

    I tried all possible browsers on linux, no way.
    On Windows, in Firefox and IE I don't even see the tooltip. With Chrome I can drop files and attach to mail, even if it's quite tricky...

    Could the dndext have caused this on upgrade?
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    Same here, running Zimbra 6.0.7 on Ubuntu 8.
    The Tooltip exists on Windows, but no functionality.
    There are some Bugs Bug 47048 – drag n drop file doesn't work for new window listed. and Bug 44828 – DnD support in latest version of Firefox. but 44828 should be fixed in 6.0.7

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