Background: A user tried to move older mail from inbox to a newly created folder using a filter (preferences->filters). The user encountered the following error:

method: ApplyFilterRulesRequest
msg: system failure: Unable to evaluate script
code: service.FAILURE
detail: soap:Receiver
trace: btpool0-159:// a71f

zzz@xxx.com0_a5141369bbce3dda7ced3f2591adfb0d114d2ab7_69643d3 3363a31303136353261392d383364302d343031382d3931373 02d3035653931623661646165373b6578703d31333a3132373 73635303132343733323b6169643d33363a343164376538653 72d646637662d346661312d383239362d33373330316638333 93937303b747970653d363a7a696d6272613bin:"inbox"


Now, all the inbound mail is going to this newly created folder rather than to the "inbox".

What can be done?