I have a problem of internal messages sent by users outside the company when they arrive at the internal user it goes to spam box.

Reading the forum I saw some comments that it was a problem in smtpd_sasl_authenticated_header that comes enabled as the woe and generates a false positive in spamassassin, the solution would be to amend smtpd_sasl_authenticated_header posted to yes in main.cf, more Guando change to yes and restart the zimbra he Back as in, reading some more I saw that should be changed in zimbra / conf / zmmta.cf, I check this file it appears as:

Postconf smtpd_sasl_authenticated_header LOCAL postfix_smtpd_sasl_authenticated_header

would only change in this way zmmta.cf ?

Postconf smtpd_sasl_authenticated_header yes