I have a user on my system who has their own email account. This user also needs to see a common mailbox on my system as well. Lets just call the user Joe@domain.com . Joe also needs to view Distributor@domain.com. I don't want to have to add Distributor's mailbox as an external account to Joe's account because then it basically doubles Distributor's emails in Joe's account upon looking in the directories where Joe's mail is stored and running the command "du -hs" to see the size of the mailbox before and after adding an external account. If I make Distributor's Inbox shared it shares it with all of it's subfolders, which is great, but I also need Joe to be able to see the Junk folder just in case when we bring on new accounts if certain emails initially go into the junk folder before marking them as not junk. As administrator I don't want to have to monitor the account by logging in and checking the Junk folder on a daily basis for stuff that shouldnt be junk. I would rather Joe check it, but without the hassle of having to log in as distributor to do that and/or without having to add external account. So can I make the Junk folder have the ability to share through a command line option?