I haven't seen anything relative to this problem in any other posts so I'll try to describe what is happening.

We have a group that is using one (fictional) member's calendar for central meeting planning and as an in/out message board. I mention that this user is fictional because it is an account generated merely to own the calendar but is never logged onto for use.

This calendar is shared to all the other members of their team and all members of the team are able to post their out-of-office periods on this shared calendar as a central reference point. This part of their usage (in/out message board) is working for them without a hitch.

The problem is with their central meeting planning. I say again that this is being done by someone who is not the actual calendar owner but by someone with manager access to the calendar.

As a meeting is being planned it is entered in this shared calendar and resources are reserved. At the time of the initial planning, attendees are not invited. At some point later, when the meeting agenda is firmed up, the meeting is edited, attendees are added and the meeting is saved with the 'Send Notification Mail' option selected.

The newly invited attendees indeed get their meeting invitations but for each one that responds to the invitation, the meeting organizer gets multiple responses from that user. In the case where the the attendee was one of a 40-person distribution list, the organizer received 15-20 response messages from each addressee that responded to the invitation.

Does this sound like a bug or could it possibly a configuration issue? As this is our only group of users working with a shared calendar, I haven't seen the problem with other users.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.