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Thread: Weird Autocompletion error

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    Default Weird Autocompletion error

    We are running ZCS Version 3.1.4_GA_518.RHEL4 Jun 26, 2006. We have a user with a very strange autocompletion error.

    She creates a new email message
    She starts typing a specific email address,
    Autocompletion pops up and she selects
    It is added to the To field and all is well so far.
    She starts typing another different address, say kastaff...
    Autocomplete pops up !
    She types the backspace key to delete it and
    autocomplete inserts another !!
    One for each Backspace !!!

    I wouldn't believe this if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

    I assume either the contact record is corrupt or the index for the contact records is corrupt. Any suggestions what I should do? Thanks.


    P.S., I also had in my contact list, but autocomplete works the way one expect after I include them in an email To: field.

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    Weird. I wasnt able to repro this -- of course, i'm running the latest build.

    Is this happening consistently? Can you repro it everytime? If so, I would suggest creating a new bug .
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    Yes, this user can always repeat it, but it never happens for my account - or anyone else's that I know of. I had her delete the contact and use an alternate address for the person. The problem disappeared, temporarily. It is now back, but for a different user's email address! It sounds very much like the contact file is corrupt. If I export the contact file to .csv and then import it, will that rebuild the file? Or do I need to delete all the contacts before I re-import them? She probably has a very large number of contacts. Any suggestions?

    I should note we have tried all the usual things: exiting firefox, clearing cache, rebooting, trying it from different systems... For her account, the problem is very consistent.


    P.S., Because I can't create the problem on any account except this one, filing a bug report probably is unfair. If they/you can't replicate it, then it would be very difficult to fix. However, if it still occurs after 4.0 is out, I'll call support.

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