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Thread: Recover mail for individual users from .ibd file.

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    Default Recover mail for individual users from .ibd file.

    Hi folks,

    we have an issues here where we had a hardware failure that resulted in a new hard disks being installed and a new zimbra system being run up.

    I have the data from the old disks and have a few users who's mail I need to get back. The new system is using a later version of ZImbra and the normal recovery things don't seem to be playing happily and neither does trying to add the data into a VM with the old version running on it. The old version is 5.0.14.

    I'd be happy just to get them back as mbox or any other format that I can then inject into the new system, or run up some virtual machine and sync it across.

    I do have the entire opt directory from the old system if that helps.


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