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Thread: Accidentaly deleted backup data - way to restore calendar items in trash ?

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    Default Accidentaly deleted backup data - way to restore calendar items in trash ?

    I feel ashamed to even ppost this here but here goes.

    I've been playing with the funambol/BB sync tool on my account after successful tests on a sample account and but it started doubling my calendar data at each sync.

    I had made a .tgz backup of my mailbox data just in case prior so I deleted all my calendar data and I was about to restore my calendar using the backup but it appears I deleted the .tgz file by mistake (very careless of me I might add) and no undelete tool can recover the data.

    Since the calendar data is in the trash for now but is inacessible through usual means, is there a way to gain access to it so I can copy the data to a temporary account or a local folder in ZD2 for later cleaning ?

    Any help to repair my own stupidity would be appreciated as threads on the matter mostly went unanswered.

    edit : I'm in luck, I remembered I had a two weeks old .tgz lying around that I kept for redundency purposes just before a big server change. I was fortunately able to recover the calendar data off of that.

    However, it stands to reason that there should be a way to access the trash data of the calendar. I'll file a RFE for this in the coming days if one is not present and post a link to it here.
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