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Thread: Auto-Reply not working?

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    Default Auto-Reply not working?


    can someone please verify this behaviour:

    Selecting auto-reply (without choosing a date) works fine.
    If you now set a date, auto-reply is not working.
    Un-setting the date entries does not help. Auto-reply is not working anymore.

    Is anybody else experiencing problems with auto-reply?
    I am using Version 6.0.7 (NE)


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    We are running 6.0.6 FOSS, not 6.0.7, but what you are seeing with auto-reply does not happen in our environment. One thing to keep in mind is that when someone sends a message to an account with the auto-reply set and then sends another message the auto-reply will not get sent again until the "out of office cache lifetime" is reached. This is a setting that is only available through the Admin console (at least with FOSS) and I believe the default is one day.

    If the behavior you are seeing is not related to this cache setting then look at the mailbox.log file (in /opt/zimbra/log). You should messages that contain "outofoffice sent" and "outofoffice not sent" for accounts that have the auto-reply set. I have seen instances where a "bad" date is somehow entered for either the beginning or ending date, which in turn causes problems with the auto-reply. These dates can be reset at the command line using 'zmprov ma'; the variables in question are "zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeFromDate' and 'zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeUntilDate'.

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