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Thread: [SOLVED] Advanced search options available to end-users?

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    Default [SOLVED] Advanced search options available to end-users?

    Is there a list of advanced search options available to end-users somewhere? I dredged the wiki, docs, and forums, and while I am sure there has to be something of the sort, I just could not find it. I would like a list of all options available in the advanced search bar for building searches to save. Specifically, this time, I am trying to build a saved search that searches for mail aged a week (or a few days) from when the search is run. I noticed that "date:-1week" is an option in the advanced search, but would like the reverse of it. A list of all the available options, or where I could find this in the code, would be helpful!


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    Thanks Mike! I'm not sure how I missed that.

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