Hi all,

Our customer reported that they cannot open ics file when using Outlook 2003.
Does anyone know any workaround for this problem instead of upgrading
to OL 2007?

1.In ZWC, right Click task list("Tasks") and select "Share Task List"
2.Choose "Public Share" and click OK
3.Connect to the URL for sharing
4.Save "Tasks.ics" file
5.Open "Tasks.ics" file with Outlook 2003
6.Error message "Outlook cannot import vCalendar file" will appear

FYI, they cannot use ZCO as their environment is ZCS NE, not ZCS pro version.
Outlook 2003 doesn't seems to open ics file including VTODO component
as per the following link:

Create a Task in a Calendar
Create a Task in a Calendar

ZCS NETWORK edition V5.0.16
Red Hat Linux ES4 64bit
Firefox3.5.4 WindowsXP SP2
Outlook 2003