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Thread: ical calendar invites showing annormal aliases as organiser/owner/inviter

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    Default ical calendar invites showing annormal aliases as organiser/owner/inviter

    Hello Community,
    in zimbra5 im having a strange problem.
    When i send calendar invites via ical, or i accept a calender event with ical, the other users gets instead of my correct email, one of my aliases, and its always a different one.
    Does anyone knows a solution for this issue?


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    This general issue may depend on whether you're using CalDAV and/or what version of iCal you have. But the general upshot is that iCal has problems with aliases, partly because CalDAV itself doesn't offer good guidance on what to do with them. If you search the forums and bugzilla, you'll find a lot of reports of these issues. For this reason, I recommend that you not use aliases for the time being. Instead, if you want people to be able to reach Account X using a different address from the default, set that address up as a distribution list and put Account X into the DL. Then hide the DL in the GAL.

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