Hi everybody.

I hope this post in the right place.

I am Newbie, and already migrate from our old Email server to Zimbra CS.

And appear running smoothly until a few matter arises.

And I'm looking forward to solve it by getting help from this site.

1. I get this error when trying to empty a folder containing log email from one of my server. It has more than 3Million unread messages totaling of 6G size.
"The server appears to be slow to respond, and may be unavailable. Press the button to cancel your request."
And, I only can delete it by selecting 100 mail per pages. and this is time consuming.

2. How can I backup my Zimbra Mail when it reach its quota? instead of increase the size, I hope Zimbra CS can backup inbox and sent folder altogether in archive folder.

Appreciate to get a solution to this matter.
Thank you in advance for replying.