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Thread: [SOLVED] External IMAP account with self signed cert?

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    Default [SOLVED] External IMAP account with self signed cert?

    Hi All,

    Can anyone tell me how to force zimbra to accept an Self-signed certificate for adding an external IMAP account that uses SSL?

    I think that might be the reason it's refusing to connect to the external mailserver.

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    Set zmlocalconfig -e 'data_source_trust_self_signed_certs=true' (will allow/remove error message)

    ZD has ssl_allow_accept_untrusted_certs true by default which warns & prompts for accept. I fought for a similar attribute in ZCS data_source_trust_certs_override_allowed (either true from the start or even just possible since most would like a tiny warning rather than wide open or blocked case for self-signed & expired < which is also just either blocked or not even for commercial) but wasn't implemented, if you'd like to add your thoughts here: Bug 35441 - external data sources with self-signed/expired certs no longer work

    The per cert method:
    Get the cert.
    $ openssl s_client -host -port 993
    Paste the cert into a file and load it into cacerts. Be sure to set perms and ownership on cacerts keystore file. (as zimbra)
    $ keytool -import -file /tmp/ -alias -keystore /opt/zimbra/java/jre/lib/security/cacerts -storepass changeit
    $ zmmailboxdctl restart

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    Ah thanks for that,

    Have added my thoughts to that bug, the error message zimbra returns is unacceptable in my opinion as it makes about as much sense as a chocloate fireguard and just leads to confusion

    It's even more of a problem as it's a user facing dialogue displaying the error.

    The message doesn't even fit in the box it was trying to display it in.

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