We wish to have some shared calendars, which will be the owners of some events involving mutliple people.

We don't want to make the shared calendars live in the admin or another user's account, since there is a question of what happens if that user goes away, or somebody needs to go in and do invites while that person is not around.

I've figured out that I can create a Resource (or Location) called shared_cal for example, log into it as if it was a normal user, create a calendar, and share it out. Then anybody who has Manager rights on that share can create events/appts. in it as if it was being shared from another user. Now I realize that this is because Resources and Locations are really special types of user accounts, but what I wish to know is if this is really considered kosher? Will we at some point not be able to log in as the Resource, for example, to be able to issue invites, or add other calendars, etc.?

In some respects, until there is a real global calendar capability, I consider it actually cleaner to implement a global calendar like this as a shared calendar in a Resource or Location, than to share it from a real user account created for the purpose, since in the latter case that user account does not really represent a person in the organization. A Resource sharing the data is a closer fit.

Any thoughts? I just don't want to be bitten in the butt in the future if I do this.