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Thread: ZCS Shared Calendar - Outlook Local Failure Notices

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    Default ZCS Shared Calendar - Outlook Local Failure Notices

    I have users who use Outlook (among them, our company's owner) and others who use ZDT or the online ZCS. We're having trouble with editing a shared calendar. Specifically, when a recurring multi-day event (e.g., Monday through Thursday each week for three weeks) is entered or edited from ZDT or ZCS, the adds and changes sync and show up in Outlook, ZDT and ZCS. However, if such an event is created or edited in Outlook, the Outlook user gets a "Local Failure Notice," and the adds or changes do not sync to ZDT or ZCS users or to other Outlook users. This only occurs with recurring multi-day events. Any suggestions other than dropping Outlook?

    Here is the text of the Local Failure Notice:

    Local Failures were detected. No action is required.
    This e-mail was generated for technical support purposes.

    Sync Type: Delta Sync

    Store: Zimbra - (User Name)

    Computer Name: (Computer Name)

    Version: 6.0.5737.3

    This object does not have an ID, it is a newly created item

    Error Code: -2147221240
    Error Message: Unknown error 0x80040108

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    We're seeing this same issue and it appears to depend on what version of the Outlook Connector you are using. Strangely, users with the connector that shipped with 6.0.7 are OK, while users with the version that shipped with 6.0.10 get the local failure notice. I have opened a support ticket with the following details:

    We have some users with a shared calendar and some have Outlook connector from 6.0.7 (6.0.5981.7) and some from 6.0.10 (6.0.6089.9). When someone creates a recurring event on the calendar, those with the older connector see it OK, those with the newer connector get a local failure notice. This appears to be similar to bug 45986 but we are able to recreate it consistently. We are due to upgrade to 6.0.13 but cannot find any listing of a bug that may cure this problem by doing so.

    Anyone else seeing this problem?

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    Here is a workaround: we've narrowed it down to happening when someone creates an all-day, recurring event WITH AN END DATE. If you select no end date or "end after X occurrences", then you do not get the error. And, only users with the 6.0.10 ZCO receive the error, our 6.0.7 users do not. We are just about to upgrade to 6.0.13, so I will let you know what we see with that version.

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