Hello everyone
Just a few suggestions/questions I'd like to share :
- why is there no "cut/copy/paste" when you right click on an email address? Example : A emails me B's address and when I click on B's address I got the address book opened. Disappointed. In my opinion adding someone to one's address book is a less common operation than copy it or email it (mailing list management) and can be easily made with right click + add to address book.
Currently I have to highlight the address (and be very careful not to click on it, because this will open the address book again!), then press CTRL+C, etc.
- talking about the address book, I figured out that mine was filled with same contacts being two or three times in the list. Maybe a "this contact is already in your address book" would be very useful.
- I personally never use Calendar or Task and probably never will (I'm so old fashioned, I know). What about making these surely-very-useful-stuff-for-many-people like add-ons you can use/install only when you need to.

But of course I'm not complaining all the time about Zimbra, I would even say the contrary.
Thank you.