We have a new employee, starting Monday. His manager would like him to be able to choose between two personas when using the ZCS web client in Firefox. I should add that we're still using 5.0.23, I am aware that it's located in a vertical bar in 6.x instead of the horizontal bar.

One of the choices should be his account, the other is an account shared by our entire qc department. I can get as far as Preferences, Accounts, Add Persona, and while I can set a persona name, and a "name" in the from field, I can't change which actual email address it is supposed to show that it's coming from. I can set the Reply-to and pick the needed signature for this shared account, but if I'm signed in as the user and create a new message, selecting the shared qc account persona makes it look as if the mail will be sent from _his_ account, and NOT the shared one. What am I overlooking?