I ran into the following problem when using the Calendar with the web interface on Zimbra 6:

1) Created a meeting for Dec 17, recurring monthly
2) Decided the 17th wouldn't work, so I edited that "series" and changed it to the 9th
3) Noticed that my Dec. 17th meeting was left on my calendar unaffected, and a non-repeating event was placed on Dec 9th.

Bob, someone invited to the meeting, wrote me to say he never got any invites for Dec. 9th, but it is showing up properly on his calendar on the 9th. All my invitess received numerous invites for the event, as if Zimbra was sending out updates for each change I made, not sending them only when I clicked save. Bob also noted that the times in the emails he received were all 1 hour off, but they displayed at the right times in his calendar. Further more, Bob also told me that he got two different types of invites:

- Two messages that had complete meeting details in the body; no accept/decline mechanism; and if I tried to reply to the message, none of the meeting details from the body appeared in the reply body.

- Two messages that had nothing in the body; a visible accept/decline mechanism; and if I replied to the message, the complete details of the meeting were in the reply body. (So the only way I could find out the date/time of the meeting in order to inform my accept/decline action was to reply to the invite and check the body of the reply.)