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Thread: Cannot view or download .txt attachments within the Zimbra Webui (Ajax) version

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    Default Cannot view or download .txt attachments within the Zimbra Webui (Ajax) version

    I am currently running Zimbra 6.0.8_GA_2661.NETWORK and have noticed that only one particular daily email from one person which always includes a .txt attachment for a report does not display under the zimbra webui (ajax version). The attachment can be previewed and downloaded via any other email client whether it be Outlook, Thunderbird, IMAP, etc and also using the html version of the Zimbra webui. I have absolutely no idea why this is happening and if you ask me this is a classic Zimbra bug. If anybody has any idea or clue how to fix this besides the fix I posted in this message then I would very much appreciate it.

    To Recap.

    * The issue is only present with the Ajax Zimbra webui
    * The issue is only relative to one daily email that includes a .txt attachment
    * The issue is not present with any other emails or attachments
    * The issue started after our latest update 6.0.8_GA_2661
    * The issue has no preference in regards to browsers, OS, etc.
    * The issue has nothing todo with pop-up blockers or any other browser options or configs.

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    Perhaps you can find a clue in the source code of this email. Right click the email and select "Show original". Especially the boundary between email and attachment will be interesting, as well as encoding, character set etc.

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    This is now confirmed as broken in bugzilla as I reported the issue, however no fix was stated only that it works in beta version 7 (helix). Am I to assume the next steps are to provide sometype of solution or perhaps patch? or just sit here pretty until we upgrade to Helix?

    Here is the link

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