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Thread: [SOLVED] Zimbra Share Notification

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    Default [SOLVED] Zimbra Share Notification

    I've a question about Notes share notification. Zimbra send notification like:
    The following share has been updated:
    Shared item:	Notebook (Notebook)
    Owner:	XXX
    Grantee:	XXX
    Role:	Viewer
    Allowed actions:	View
    Notes:	XXX
    Is there any way to change this standard notification template ?

    I found language files ( in location:
    I changed section like:
    shareNotifySubject = Zaktualizowano element udzia\u0142u
    shareNotifyText = \
            Zaktualizowano nast\u0119puj\u0105cy element udost\u0119pniony:\n\
            Element udost\u0119pniony: {0}\n\
            W\u0142a\u015bciciel: {2}\n\
            U\u017cytkownik docelowy udost\u0119pnienia: {3}\n\
            Rola: {4}\n\
            Dozwolone dzia\u0142ania: {5}
    shareNotifyHtml = \
            <h3>Zaktualizowano nast\u0119puj\u0105cy element udzia\u0142u:</h3>\n\
            <table border="0">\n\
            <tr><th align="left">Element udost\u0119pniony:</th><td>{0}</td></tr>\n\
            <tr><th align="left">W\u0142a\u015bciciel:</th><td>{2}</td></tr>\n\
            <table border="0">\n\
            <tr><th align="left">U\u017cytkownik docelowy udost\u0119pnienia:</th><td>{3}</td></tr>\n\
            <tr><th align="left">Rola:</th><td>{4}</td></tr>\n\
            <tr><th align="left">Dozwolone dzia\u0142ania:</th><td>{5}</td>\n\
    to empty notify text like I want to:
    shareNotifySubject = Zaktualizowano Og\u0142enia
    shareNotifyText = \
    shareNotifyHtml = \
    then i restarted jetty
    zmmailboxdctl restart
    And, the problem is solved, it's worked like I wanted to.
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