Greetings everyone,

I'm running ZCS 6.0.9 as a secondary domain to a production mail server. Users on ZCS are able to login and see their primary (ZCS) account and also set up IMAP to the production mail server. Everything works fine expect but the IMAP account does NOT auto-update at all. Users are therefore forced to remember to click "Get External Mail" to get new mail.

In the web client, I tried setting in the mail parameters under preferences, "Check for new mail every:" (for both "Run my default search" and "Update my current view"). I also tried changing "Polling interval (time after which to check for new mail):" in the default COS for the domain and neither setting makes the external account update.

So, at this point I need to know if this should even work in the web client. Getting our test users to only login to ZCS is going to be met with major resistance if they have to manually update their mail (and that is naturally going to skew how they feel about moving to ZCS). I saw some previous posts about updating the polling interval for a specific account but that was back on version 5 and I would be surprised if this could not be controlled from the admin or client side now. I'm all up for hacking the code to get this feature working the way we need if I'm asking for something that is "wierd" (i.e. this is not a feature that should go GA) but I need to know more about how zimbra's internals work and some guidance on what to change.

Thanks for any help.