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    Dear all,

    newbie at using zimbra - just wondering, when receiving spam emails, I would eventually highlight it as spam and so on, but the next time, would the server itself recognize it as a spam & deletes it or it will continue to send to my email and set it to spam folder?

    Hope you all can help out.


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    Welcome to the forums,

    Zimbra>Postfix>Amavisd>SpamAssassin has a Bayesian system, basically when you use button (or drag to the junk folder) to train it that email gets broken into 'tokens' based on unique identifiers about the email such as addresses and phrases - the more negative tokens the worse a messages score.

    Zimbra uses a points system for ranking email where 100% = 20pts with defaults zimbraSpamKillPercent 75% = 15pts where above is an outright drop, and zimbraSpamTagPercent 33% = 6.6pts means mail goes to junk/spam folder.

    (Unless you have zimbraSpamApplyUserFilters first or amavisBypassSpamChecks & amavisSpamLover set to true on your account.)

    Marking an email with a particular phrase as junk will not completely ensure a similar email lands in the junk folder next time, it usually takes a many such actions; plus there's a lot of factors to consider when scoring a message beyond the Bayesian info.
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