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Thread: Urgent - Please Help

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    Default Urgent - Please Help

    Urgent - Please Help

    I am new to this forum.

    I have a big problem in that I cannot get into my zimbra (itisMail) email account. "Collaboration Suite"

    I need my email account because my all my business is done through my email.
    The person who I contact, who introduced me to Zimbra itisMail email account, is not answering his mobile / Home phone / skype etc...In fact all these phones just go straight onto VoiceMail and have been for many hours!

    So I do not know who I can contact to help me.
    I don't mind paying for tech support, but have no idea who can help.

    I think it's a server problem, because the person who looks after my zimbra account said that they had changed the server recently and were having some problems.

    When I try to login to my account I get a message

    A network service error has occurred.

    It doesn't accept my username and password.
    I do not know who to contact, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sorry you are at the wrong place.. site you are reffering to is just using Zimbra Software to host your email.

    We cannot help you with anything, you need to contact the person/company responsible for managing it.

    by the way if you catch him tell him to look here to fix the ???remote.CONNECT_FAILURE??? problem on the server

    i2k2 Networks
    Dedicated & Shared Zimbra Hosting Provider

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