Hope I'm on the right forum as I can find no better place for this issue.

My work email is handled through Zimbra's nexgen.simplyms.com server and Outlook 2007 has just stopped being able to send (emails just stay in the Outbox), though receiving is no problem.

After numerous searches, no suggested fix works and I've confirmed my settings with our network guy, who tells me all is correct.

I note there is an issue with port numbers and possible spam and confirm that the POP 3 account invovled has the incoming server as 110 and outgoing as 587.

I've been using the account for more than a year and no setting has changed, to my knowledge.

I'd be grateful for any advice on fixing this frustrating situation.

(By the by, having switched to using my account through the Collaboration Suite webmail, I found the achive funciton was not compatible with Outlook's PST files so I wasn't able to import the emails succsesfully sent via webmail into Outlook. Is there any other way of doing this or are the two archive file types completely mutually exclusive?)

Many thanks.