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Thread: The state of resource scheduling?

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    Default The state of resource scheduling?

    Several years ago, there were many threads asking about whether or not an easy "view" of resource schedules would be possible with later versions of Zimbra. There haven't been many posts in the last couple of years, and yet it seems like resource allocations are still "blind".

    Has there been any reasonably easy interface -- specifically, one that shows a grid of resources and times, much like the existing calendar views -- built for viewing resource schedules in Zimbra?

    We currently use MRBS to schedule appointments because it provides a simple and easy grid view. People can not only quickly find what meeting room is available at a particular time, but they can also check to what group has a meeting room scheduled, etc. This grid view looks like this.

    I've looked through the portal and bugzilla, but it's hard to find where this might lie on the development roadmap. Any info?


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    I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, even after looking at the mockup. Could your need be solved by simply sharing the resource calendars (View only) to users?

    Also, the schedule tab in ZWC has a tool for locating resources available at the time of a given meeting, doesn't it?

    You may be interested in these bugs:

    Bug 28191 - Ability to schedule meetings and execute free/busy lookup against a list/group of resources
    Bug 13443 - Scheduler should show details of busy meeting rooms
    Bug 37836 - RFE: external web access to multiple users' free/busy times, viewable on a single page (Originally intended for people, but could be useful for resources as well.)

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