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Thread: Comcast SmartZone Problem

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    Default Comcast SmartZone Problem

    SmartZone's Address Book problem....BUT when you decide to send a new e-mail to a group of people and click on the To or Cc button it will automatically give you a new window that is titled 'Select Address'. This is a very nice feature because you can click on who you want to send the new e-mail......................BUT this list contains not only folks from your Address also contains a history of folks that you have previously sent a former e-mail. I have tried unsuccessfully to delete names from this 'Select Address' list and have contacted Comcast and they say "Sorry but this is the way the program was written" and we can fix the problem

    This 'Select Address' list is now unmanageable and driving me crazy. Can you help?


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    You'll need to contact Comcast for support:


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