I am evaluating the network edition of 4.0.1. In general its working fine.. however I have a client that are both running WindowsXP where they just cannot get either the client login panel or the admin login panel to show up.

When loading it get stuck downloading "item 29" (which seems to be either an image or a javascript file) and then gets utterly stuck. Doesn't even time out.

hitting to browers stop button and then reload moves it along and doing this repeatedly can get you logged in to the client... but its slow.

Its not a network issue as other machines (Macs and Windows) on the same network -- even over an IPSec VPN or using PPTP can log in with no problem.

This happens in both IE and FireFox v 1.5.07

We even tried uninstalling Norton 2006 as there seem to be known issues with it re-writing JavaScript and not telling the user...

anyone else seen this happen?