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Thread: Stop assuming my locale and cultural settings!

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    Angry Stop assuming my locale and cultural settings!

    Please, please give me options to chose individual parts of my locale instead of forcing it depending on language! I'm norwegian, but I want everything computer related in english and period as a decimal point. However I want my clock in a sensible 24 hour format, and I want dates in a nice and usable yyyy-mm-dd alternatively dd. mm. yyyy (I seemingly get these with enGB, but date is buggy. writing birthdays to server is fine, but reading from gets months and dates wrong, as I now apparently have birthday on sept 11th rather than nov 9th.)

    It's getting harder and harder these days to even get english language because there's some assumption by english speaking developers that everyone wants their software localized and try to do all sorts of clever stuff with geolocation and looking up computer settings. I don't mind that you're trying to be clever, but give me choices somewhere to set my own preferences without having to download through a proxy, renaming localization folders and hack config files.

    Not all of the above applies to zimbra, but I needed to vent, so sorry. Consider the non-applicable parts a pre-emptive strike


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    It seems more like a case of lazy programmers if you ask me; this is isn't just directed at Zimbra/VMware, this is common in many applications these days. What's weird is that this problem goes way back. Then Europeans started screaming about this, and it got better, and now we're going back to "Programmers knows best what users wants".

    I cannot for the life of me figure out why you wouldn't want to let the user configure the date and time display format; it's great that Zimbra and other applications pick-up defaults, or try to guess them, but it's outright bad that it assumes it gets it right for everyone.


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    Agreed. If there is no bug opened for this, I think we should open one.

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