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Thread: Zimbra & Evolution Compatibility

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    Default Zimbra & Evolution Compatibility

    Hi All.

    I have searched this forum but cannot find any recent and useful information regarding using Evolution as a Zimbra client.

    I am currently using Ubuntu 10.10 X64 which has Evolution 2.30.3 by default. I am using the appliance version of zimbra (Version Release 7.0.0_GA_3077.UBUNTU8_64 UBUNTU8_64 NETWORK edition.).

    Currently I can access all the mail and have read access on the calendars, however no matter what I do, I cannot get evolution to write to the zimbra calendar. It's got full read/write with google calendars etc. But when I try and save an appointment to a zimbra calendar, or make a change to a zimbra calendar, I get a message that says
    "Cannot save event
    'Zimbra-Calendar' is a read-only calendar and cannot be modified. Please select a different calendar that can accept appointments"

    I have tried to install the evolution connector for my install, but this won't compile, as per the last couple of posts in this thread

    Can anybody please shed any light on what I may be doing wrong before I raise a support ticket about this. It's the last thing stopping me from buying licences and performing a migration.


    **UPDATE** It seems that this may be caused because evolution is not actually asking me for credentials to view the calendar. If I leave the username box blank on the evolution calendar set up it will still view the calendar. So I suppose this question is now one of how do I force Evolution to ask for credentials to the calendar?
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