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Thread: Demo not working

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    Default Demo not working

    I looked at the flash demo and it looked really cool. Then I wanted to try the live demo. I went to the demo page and pushed the 'Skip registration, go to demo' button, and then nothing happend... The browser started loading very long but at the end the 'page not found' error occured. To bad ..

    I hope you can fix it because I would really like to try youre software.

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    it appears that the demo server is down. i can ping, but it wont load in firefox.

    just wait, and i'm sure the problem will be smoothed out.

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    Default Demo still down?

    It's October 21st and it appears the demo is still down. I am trying to run it using the firefox browser as well, but I get the same results as the other users who have posted this issue.

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    Hi all the demo should be up now. We've had lots of traffic on the demo and are trying to scale it out. Also when the site is busy it takes almost a minute to create your account and load all the data so don't be surprised by that.

    Feel free to reply if you still have trouble.

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