we are about to use an Sophos ES1000 antispam appliance.

When e-mails are in quarantine, users receive an email with links to release individual e-mails.

Links correspond to that for example :

mailto:sea-auto-approve%2b08309d0fdd1ac7aac9a44f86f5171823@toto.fr ?subject=Release%20message%20from%20quarantine&bod y=[=0]

It's create a compose new message in zimbra that the user has just to send. The problem is that in zimbra, as in my example, the message body does not contains [=0] but [=0 then this message is not understood by our antispam appliance.

Did you encounter such a problem ? How did you fixed it ?

Note : my tests are under zimbra 6, with FF 3.6 or Chrome 10