I've been installing and evaluating Zimbra Network edition, evaluating its different capabilities. I must say that it seems a very innovative product.

My end application for Zimbra is as a collaboration tool between different organisations, where members can access group address books, calendars etc. despite belonging to different organisations.

At the minute, I'm trying to see whether it is possible to create an address book that defines different 'roles' for members, with the possibility that a list member could belong to more than 1 role. With these roles defined, tasks/messages/appointments could be sent to 'roles', not just to lists.

It seems to me that this is possible, however, it is essential that I be able to share this address book once created with the members of my collaboration group - including the tags/roles that I defined! At the minute I can create the address book and create the roles using tags. However when I share the addres book, the recipient doesn't have access to the tags I created, defining the roles. Is there any way to share tag information, and if not, is this funcionality on the roadmap? Any info would be appreciated.