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    1st, I have to say that I appreciate Zimbra very much.
    Thanks for such a great software.

    Suggestion/request: I would like to have the option to view the "new contact dialog" always opened to the right of the contact information display. This way, I wouldn't have to constantly open/close the dialog window every time I want to create a new contact record. The current display view has lots of empty space (especially with a 22" screen) and so there is room for it - and a "save" button at the bottom of that would be nice. Each time we hit "save", and the new record is created, all the fields would be refreshed or empty - ready for a new contact record entry. I would appreciate this option.

    along with that, I would need a few more colors available for tags...

    I'm using the LINUX version - Desktop [v2.0.1 build 10659]
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