At the company I work for, we always "Reply All" when responding to messages and hope that our clients do that as well. Reason being, we have a tech support email address (a couple actually) that will inform each of here in the tech room of a new email that came in. Reply all lets everyone in our network see so we can keep track of problems and resolutions 24/7 since this is the type of company we are.

Sometimes a company will just "reply" to one of our personal email addresses that shows when we click "reply all" and in this case, we are not at our phones/desks 24/7, so we can't always answer the customer when they want us to and it frustrates them when they don't just email our whole department which they should do. Most of our customers are good about it, but some are not.

My question with Zimbra: Is there a way to make a parameter that states something like:

IF, Forward to

This way, if my get an email sent to my work email at 2am when I'm sleeping, and the tech support email is monitored by another person at 2am, they will get the forwarded message and deal with it/close the ticket.

Anyone know how to do this? I'm running this on a web client. Thanks!