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Thread: No more IM ??

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    Default No more IM ??

    Is this post serious or official ??

    ------- Comment #7 From Maria Lo 2011-03-11 21:25:39 -------

    Marking old IM bugs as won't fix, since we'll be removing IM in the next major
    ZCS release.

    (found in bug 37070)

    Well I just hope this was not an announcement...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FredThu View Post
    Well I just hope this was not an announcement...?
    You're quite right that wasn't an announcement, the 'announcement' was in the Release Notes for ZCS version 7 - there will be no more IM in ZCS. Feel free to search the forums and bugzilla for further details of what is likely to happen in the future.


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