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Thread: Using saved searches in Select Addresses dialog

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    Default Using saved searches in Select Addresses dialog

    Zimbra OSS 4.0.2

    I have set up several shared searches to select blocks of addresses from personal and shared contact lists and this works well while I’m in the Contacts window.

    Now suppose I want to send a message to some of my contacts who are on a particular list defined by a Saved Search.

    1. I go to Contacts and click the saved search “Div6”. This filters the contact data with in:"mssContacts"div6 and I see the subset that I want – all is good.

    2. Now, I open a New Message and click the To: button and the list in the left pane is empty. If I type in:"mssContacts"div6 and click Search I get my list of contacts.

    What would be really nice is to have access to my Saved Searches from within the Select Addresses dialog, so I would not have to remember to copy and paste, or type the search criteria.

    Is there a way to do this now that I have overlooked?



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    Great idea!

    No, there is not a way to do this today. You should create a new RFE in bugzilla.
    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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    I have created an enhancement request

    Please vote for this feature if it looks useful to you.


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